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This Course Directory catalogues training topic areas offered by Plum Results.

Course content may be tailored to your specific needs.

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Leadership & ManagementSelf Development & Work Skills
Appraising Performance
Becoming the Boss
Leadership Awareness
Leadership Boot Camp
Leadership Effectiveness Profile
Leading Customer Service
Leading for Success
Leadership Practices Inventory
Managing a Small Team
Managing by Motivation
Managing Change
Managing for Success
Managing with Insight
Recruitment & Interview Skills
Recruitment Boot Camp
Stepping Up – a roadmap for new supervisors
Conscious Communication
Creating a Positive Customer Impact
Customer Service Boot Camp
Essential Selling Skills
Fantastic Service Every Time
Fundamental Principle for Effective Communication
Insight Inventory
Positive Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Project Management Fundamentals
Selling with Insight
Service with Insight
Team Building
Time Management
Understanding Mentoring