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Motivating staff at Christmas

Keeping staff motivated is critical to a productive work environment and with the added stress and pressure at Christmas it can be challenging. 

Here are a few simple strategies for boosting workplace morale during the “silly season”.


Have fun!

The Christmas lead-up can be busy and stressful, find ways to inject fun at your workplace. Maybe relax the dress code, let the team decorate the workplace and choose the Christmas tunes, have a Christmas party or a simple workplace picnic where everyone brings a plate, set fun Christmas-themed targets with fun rewards, or simply replace the boring work biscuits with changing Christmas treats each day.


Be flexible

Flexible working hours are particularly useful for staff juggling Christmas shopping, children and end of term school activities.


Recognise specific contributions

Think hand-written Christmas cards with personal note thanking each staff member for their specific contributions during the year. If giving speeches at the Christmas party, be genuine, sincere and specific. Remember, generic cards or throwaway lines like “You have been great” “You’re the best” are empty.


Give meaningful rewards

Not everyone wants a leg of ham or a hamper full of never-before-seen condiments, and surprisingly cash bonuses unless extraordinary are quickly forgotten. Consider a gift card that allows multiple options for staff to choose a gift they want, not what you think they want.